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Photo Guidelines

SOUTHWINDS Photographer's Technical Guidelines:

Some of the following guidelines make it easier for us to edit and use your material

Cover Photos and art:

SOUTHWINDS is always looking for nice cover shots and these are always paid for at $65 (paid by the end of the month of publication). Cover photos generally need to be vertical shots, but sometimes we can crop a great vertical cover out of a good horizontal photograph. Cover photos need to be of high resolution (at least 300 dpi). If digital, they need to be taken at high resolution. Some smaller digital cameras are not capable of taking a large high resolution needed for our covers. If you have a photograph, then scan it at 300 dpi, at least 8 1/2" x 11" or send us the photo and we can scan it.

Cover shots only have a few requirements. They need have a sailboat in them or part of sailboat. They can be a shot taken from a sailboat, but a part of the boat must be in the photo to show it was taken from a sailboat. They also need be a shot of Sailing in the southern waters of the U.S., whether inland or coastal, the Bahamas or the Caribbean. The main criteria is that it be a good shot. We are interested in all sorts of creative ideas of covers, too. We have done a few artist renderings for covers and invite those.

Go here for about 150 past covers and see the variety of the subject matter we like: Cover Photos in past Southwinds issues



Photos with Stories:

We prefer photos and/or graphics with every story, although this is not an absolute. Photos can be sent to us digitally as attachments, but they need to be high resolution, at least 300 dpi. If you have a digital camera, take the shots at high resolution. If you have a regular camera, scan the photos at 300 dpi.

Photo Info and sending us photos:

If emailing photos, keep the emails around 10mbs of memory per email. If you have a lot of hi res photos and don't know how to reduce them, contact edito@southwindsmagazine.com for instructions for a link to upload them to us.

Miscellaneous Photos:

We take single photos or groups of photos. What we are looking for are great photos that are interesting or funny and are specifically related to Sailing, boating or related subjects.


Do we pay and how much? Yes, we pay for photos, but not always. We expect the photos that accompany a story to be part of the package and if we pay for an article, the photos are included. A lot of people just want to get published, and they do get some priority if their work is good. Some we do pay. Let us know. We are a small, free publication and cannot pay much for photos or stories. For cover shots, we will regularly pay $65.